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FAQs - Frequently Asked questions

Are you official partners of the universities you represent?

Absolutely yes. Such Universities authorize us to organize admission tests in Italy exclusively for our students


Is the degree recognized in italy?

Of course.  The degree achieved in our universities is recognized in Italy and the rest of Europe as well. For some faculties the degree is recognized also in Canada, USA and other countries outside of Europe. All our universities comply to the european standards SEIS (which identify the same educational protocols in all european universities) and are adapted to the Bologna Process and use the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).


How long are the medicine and the dentistry degree courses?

At all our Universities Medicine courses have a duration of 6 years.

Dentistry courses have a duration of 5 years at Charles University of Prague, Masaryk University of Brno, European University Cyprus, Universidad Europea de Madrid and Universidad Europea de Valencia, while at Pavol Jozef Safarik of Kosice the duration is 6 years.


Where does the admission test take place?

The admission test is organized by Medicor Tutor and it takes place in Italy.


Is it necessary to have an english certificate such as IELTS Or TOEFL in order to get admitted?

No, it is not mandatory. Some universities allow its students to take the english test directy at their premises few days before the beginning of the academic year. 


After the first year abroad can i decide to go back to italy?

Yes, after the first year it is possible to go back to Italy and enrol at any university without having to sustain the admission test. In december 2014 Consiglio di Stato has stated so.

Each italian university must accomodate the requests made by the students compatibly with the eventual vacant posts. The selection process takes into consideration different criteria such as the candidate’s academic record and the prestige of the university of provenance. 


Besides the tuition fee, are there any other additional costs (e.g. textbooks)?

No, there are no other additional costs besides the tuition fee. Moreover, you will have access to the university’s library where you will be able to borrow the textbooks.


What is the average cost for room and board?

It depends on the university you choose. The average Czech Republic and Slovak Republic living costs are quite low if compared to other european capitals. ​Cities such as Pilsen, Brno and Košice have an average cost of 400 euros per month, room and board included.

Cities such as Nicosia (Cyprus), Madrid and Valencia have an average cost of 800 euros per month, room and board included.


Is it possible to pursue postgraduate courses in these universities? is it hard?

It is possible to pursue postgraduate courses at our universities. Moreover, the admission process is more favourable to those students who attended medicine or dentistry courses in english.  


Do i need to purchase a medical insurance?

It is not necessary as our Universities are all part of the EU. The italian health card guarantees a valid medical assistance in all EU territories.


When does the academic year start? how long is the mandatory lecture session?

It depends on the university, anyway the academic year starts between mid-september and the first days of october. Usually the first semester goes from september/october to december/january, while the second semester starts in february and ends in may/june. 


Is class attendance compulsory?

Definitely yes, daily class attendance is compulsory.


Can i apply for a scholarship?

In some of our universities the best foreign students may apply for a scholarship of up to 1.500/2.000 euros (from the second year)


I have a degree in biology/pharmacy, will i be able to skip any year?

Some exams that you have previously taken may be recognized, however you will still have to enrol in the first academic year.


What kind of accomodations are there? will you help the students finding an accomodation?

There are different housing solutions, from campuses to private apartments. Part of our service consists in helping the students finding an accomodation. We will search for the accomodations and will accompany the students and their parents in order to visit them. We will also take care of the contractual part, the setting of the apartment, and much more.


What other services do you provide?

our assistance service includes:

  • Preparation for the admission tests of the top Universities in Europe
  • Access to our exclusive E-Learning Platform - click here to access
  • Tutoring at the University during the first Academic Year
  • Participation to the Admission Test, organized in Italy
  • Translation of the documents necessary for the university enrolment
  • Legal support and administrative assistance for the university enrolment
  • Validation of high school diploma by the Ministry of Public Education
  • Assistance and accompaniment during the first day at the University
  • Orientation and accompaniment to University
  • Assistance in finding an accomodation, private apartment or campus
  • Opening of a bank account
  • Sim card with internet connection and telephone credit
  • Assistance in setting up the internet connection and other utilities at home
  • Registration Cerimony – it will later be delivered a DVD with all the fotos and videos of the cerimony
  • Brochure with helpful information
  • List of important phone numbers and city guide
  • Personalized doctor scrub, for the practice training
  • Medicor Tutor Personalized backpack