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Pleven Medical University of Pleven



Degree Course: Medicine

Location: Pleven, Bulgaria

Language: English

Admission Process: Admission test in english focused on Chemistry and Biology

Degree Recognition: Recognized in Europe. Adapted to Bologna Process and uses the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)



Medicine: degree course for International Students, fully taught in English. The Pleven Medical University’s degree program adopts the "Problem Based Learning" learning approach. This learning method focuses on the resolution of real health problems, making the course more dynamic and realistic. Duration: 6 years. Start: first week of february.  


The city

The University is located in Pleven, in the northern region of Bulgaria, the seventh most populous city in the country and the capital of the homonymous province.

Pleven is located in a rural region in the heart of the Danubian Plain. Its central position in northern Bulgaria makes Pleven a main administrative, economic, politic, cultural and transportation center. Pleven is 170 kilometers away from the Capital Sofia, 320 kilometers away from the bulgarian Black Sea coast and is 50 kilometers south of the Danube river.

Internationally known for the Siege of Pleven of 1877, when the russian-romanian army defeated the turkish army, the city is nowadays one of the majors economic centres of north-west and central-west Bulgaria, as well as one of the most populous cities in Bulgaria after Varna and Rousse.   




In order to be admitted into this University, candidates are required to sit an entrance written examination. Such written examination consists of a multiple choice test in english on the subjects of Biology and Chemistry.

With our prep course we will prepare the student in short time so that he will be able to brillantly pass the test.  

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The study program of the University complies to the european standards SEIS (which identify the same educational protocols in all european universities), is adapted to the Bologna Process and uses the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The degree is recognized in all Europe.