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Do you love medicine as much as we do? Then our Summer School is the perfect choice for you! Medicor Tutor, in collaboration with the renowned Masaryk Unversity of Brno, center of European excellence, has prepared for all to-be doctors and specialists a great opportunity to participate in our Summer School. The courses are either one, or two weeks long, and are divided into two mastery levels, one Beginner course for Medical students from 1st to 3rd year, and one Advanced course for Medical students from 4th to 6th year and doctors going through the specialization program.


Summer School
The dissection program is structured entirely as a step by step course in order to allow all of the participants to try to perform all of the techniques and procedures themselves under the supervision of the doctors of the Faculty. The activities are carried out in rotation, meaning every participant gets also the chance to observe the whole body and not just the single dissection. The dissections are carried out by the doctors of the Faculty on corpses made available by the University Center for Surgical Anatomy of the Masaryk University in Brno. Participants will get the unique opportunity to observe and touch with their hands tissues in excellent condition, reminiscent of the living ones.



The program, under the supervision of the doctors of the Faculty, includes:


  • Anatomical dissection course on corpses in the anatomy laboratories
    Anatomical dissection course on corpses in the anatomy laboratories of the Masaryk University in Brno. The corpses available to you are in the best condition in Europe and their tissues have characteristics very similar to those of the living – both Beginner and Advanced courses
  • Experimental surgery
    Experimental surgery in practical exercises (perioperative care on lab animals, anesthesia, surgical techniques, preparation of animal models, experimental radiology, experimental evaluation – histological, biochemical, statistical methods, etc.) – Advanced course






To whom the course is addressed: Professionals, postgraduates and students of Medicine


Location: Scientific and technological centre - Masaryk University in Brno - Czech Republic


Dates: August - September 2020


Course A
Duration of the course: 10 days
Price: € 5000
Course B
Duration of the course: 5 days
Price: € 3500


Price includes

  • 5 or 10 days of lessons
  • The theoretical lectures aiming at preparation for the act of dissection
  • Access to the Anatomy department and the dissection room with medical assistance from the Faculty
  • Practical sessions at the dissection table with guidance from the Doctors of the Faculty.
  • The materials required for the course (shirts, masks, gloves, mirrors, scalpels, etc.)
  • Accommodation in Brno is also included in the price
  • Access to university canteens and restaurants at discounted prices
  • Access to libraries, cafes, PC labs and gym for the duration of the program
  • On-site assistance




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